Our Services

What We Do


J-N-K will do most roofing jobs that you may need for your home or business. We can provide a complete tear off and re-roof, we can do large or small roof repairs, which include replacing plywood in an event there is rain rot.  We will do metal roofing, composition roofing, pvc roofing, and much more. We do a variety of different styles of roofing with quality roofing products.

Our complete roof job includes, but not limited to: 

  • Removal/disposal of old roof and materials 
  • New plywood, if needed 
  • Moisture barrier underlayment 
  • New drip edge (if needed) 
  • New quality roofing product W/Ridgecap 

Our warranty is good for 5 years & The roofing materials are warrantied for as long as the owner owns their home.


We provide siding services such as new siding and siding repairs. We do several different styles of siding, such as Vinyl siding, Hardie Board siding, Composite siding, Wood siding, and Metal siding.  


We can provide some home remodel services, build additions, pump houses, or extend a room in your home. Need a carport, we can do that too!  


We provide fencing services, such as new wood fence, using beautiful custom cedar fence boards. If you need a fence repair, we can also do that. We can replace your broken or missing boards in your wood fence to ensure it looks the best it can.  

We also, do Chain Link fencing, Vinyl chain link or galvanized chain link. We can even put in the private slats for you. 

Pressure Washing

We have a large industrial pressure washer, and we can pressure wash your home, your decks, your patios and sidewalks, your driveways and much more.  


J-N-K can build you a deck, with quality, beautiful new deck boards, and all the accessories needed to build you your dream deck. We can also add on to an existing deck, or we can pressure wash your deck to bring the “new” deck look back, we can replace broken or rotted deck boards.  


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